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Hotels, especially of the four and five-star category are normally extremely safe; providing you with a safe in the room and at the reception area, security guards hiding around the place, and cameras to keep watch on things. However, still things do occasionally disappear, sometimes without the owner ever knowing that they have gone.

So here are a few tips to avoid your valued possessions from taking a walk:

If the hotel has an in-room safe use it and keep all your valuables in there. However, if the safe is electronic, wipe the touch keys down before operating it with a damp cloth, and then dry it before entering your secret code. Try to do this every time you use the safe. Also after you have keyed in your code and closed the door firmly locked on the safe. Press all the other keys /numbers that do not make up your code, and press them firmly. Doing this may set off a small alarm from the safe but it stops quickly and no one will pay any attention.

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The reason to do this is because certain hotels have caught their own hotel staff placing a light oil residue or powder on to the touch keys that shows up when using a certain light what numbers were pressed.

Never leave valuables lying around, even at times when you know the maid is not coming to clean the room or you are in the room. Keep them safe in your pockets or the safe in the room if there is one.

Never leave valuables in soft/material bags with pockets even if they are padlocked. This avoids any potential of somebody simply splitting a seam to a pocket with a knife and removing select contents. This has happened to people, and they don’t notice until going into the airport a while later. This should also apply to luggage that you check into the plane.

Never get drunk and invite a stranger to your room. This seems funny, indeed, but better safe than sorry.

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