ASTERIUS of Arabia Petra d

ASTERIUS of Arabia Petra d. after 362, saint 10 June. Took part in the Council of Serdica 343, during which he broke with the Eastern Arians and joined the Western Nicenes. Constantius exiled him to Upper Libya; recalled in 362, he took part in the Alexandrian synod convoked by Athanasius and was asked to carry the synodal letter to Antioch Tomus ad Antiochenos. But his mission to reunite that church failed because of the arrival of Lucifer of Cagliari. Fliche-Martin, Storia della Chiesa, III, Turin 3 1972, 249-251; EC 2,218; Simonetti, 170, 187, 360, 372; A. Martin, Athanase d’Alexandrie, Rome 1996, passim.Explore Petra – one of the best attractions in Petra! holidaymapq

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