Asterius Of Ansedunum

ASTERIUS of Ansedunum. Bishop of Ansedunum 4th-5th c., he figures in ms.Veron. 93 as the author of a libellus, still unpublished, titled Liber seu epistula ad Renatum monachum de fugiendo monialium colloquio et visitatione.

G.Morin has published a few fragments.

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Asterius Of Ansedunum

The work denounces the abuses arising from the cohabitation of virgins with monks and priests.

The MS calls Asterius a disciple of Jerome. The current state of research does not allow the determination of Asterius's identity with certainty; he is otherwise unknown, as is Ansedunum. CPL 642. Ad Renatum – AbeBooks holidaymapq

Ad Renatum – AbeBooks holidaymapq.

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