ASTERIUS of Amasea bishop

 ASTERIUS of Amasea bishop 378395 400431. Little is known of his life: young at the time of Julian the Apostate, he was the pupil of a Scythian slave at Antioch. Dependent literarily on the Cappadocians, he also displays Antiochene influence. His surviving works at least 16 homilies are of good quality; his encomium of St. Euphemia of Chalcedon is noteworthy. Little inclined to dogmatic or exegetical speculation, most of his homilies are festive or moral. Manuscript tradition sometimes mixes him up with Asterius the Sophist, occasionally with Gregory of Nyssa. An encomium of St. Basil of Caesarea BHG 240 also goes under his name, but its authenticity is disputed. CPG 3260-3265; PG 40, 164-389; BS 2, 514-516; Bardenhewer 3, 
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