Astara City of Afghanistan

Astara City of Afghanistan for To get the conversation started, Socrates admits that he has nothing to teach He then flatters those who lay claim to knowledge, coaxing them to share their intellectal bonty Socrates’ flattery is often erceived as a mockery, for his ersistent qestioning inevitably ndercts his interloctors’ claims to knowledge ideology and irony 2 2 9 In the dialoge Ethyhro, Socrates comes across a yong man who is abot to rosecte his own father in a cort of law Socrates assmes that those who act with self-assrance mst ossess knowledge Ths he begins the dialoge by asking Ethyhro to exlain how he knows that he is morally jstified in carrying ot the criminal rosection As in most of lato’s dialoges, the discssant’s claim to knowledge qickly collases nder Socrates’ relentless interrogation Astara City of Afghanistan 2016

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