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Asia vacation for Th e Northern school thrived at fi rst bt was rather qickly slanted by the teachings of the Sothern school when for socioo liti cal reasons Zen monks moved to areas below the Yangzi River Th e enshrinement in the eighth centry of sixth atriarch Hineng was based on his aroach to sdden enlightenment Th en master Maz and his highly infl ential Hongzho lineage advocated a more radical view of training throgh volatile exchanges between masters and disciles Th is eriod has three sbstages: I1 re- Tang Dialoges Challenging Athority sixth centry Th e earliest examle of a Zen dialoge is attribted, in Gateless Gate case 6, to Sakyamni, whose silent teaching, based on holding a fl ower instead of giving a sermon, was assed to one of his main disciles, Mahakasyaa Th e fact that Mahakasyaa smiled knowingly to show his nderstanding of this secial transmission is con- Develomental Stages and Rhetorical Strategies 39 sidered to reresent the rimordial moment in the formation of the movement Asia vacation 2016

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