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Asia travel for I shall now set out a new, stronger case for identifying the Star of Bethlehem as a great comet. First, the simple fact that the Star was a bright light that suddenly appeared in the heavens can be explained only with reference to a meteor, nova, supernova, or comet. When we also consider that the Star was visible for at least ? years, the possible identiications are narrowed down to two a supernova or a large, productive, long-period comet like Hale-Bopp. Hale-Bopp became visible to the naked eye months before perihelion and maintained its naked-eye visibility for a total of months. If the Star was a very large comet as great as or even greater than Hale-Bopp ig, it would not be surprising if it was initially spotted many months before perihelion and remained visible for longer than one year. The comet hypothesis does not need to introduce other astronomical phenomena into the picture to explain Herod’s decision to kill infants in their irst and second years. It can simply accept Matthew’s claim that the upper age threshold was set according to the time of the Star’s first appearance that Herod had ascertained from the Magi , FIG Comet Hale-Bopp as seen from Tierra del Sol in San Diego County in April, . Asia travel 2016.

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