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Asia tours for With regard to the general time of the irst conjunction, it simply mentions the stationary points of Jupiter and then Saturn in Pisces, without specifying that there would be a conjunction. With respect to the general time of the second conjunction, only Jupiter’s acronychal rising is mentioned, not its stationary point, not the behavior of Saturn, and not the conjunction. Concerning the general time of the third conjunction, the stationary points of Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces are mentioned, but not the conjunction. Sachs and Walker are therefore, strictly speaking, correct to point out that the / BC entry does not refer to the conjunctions. That does not mean that the Babylonians assigned no signiicance to the triple conjunction, but it does suggest that they did not regard it as being of momentous signiicance, at least not in and of itself or in advance. Second, both the Magi and the narrator in Matthew refer to the celestial entity as a star, but contemporary evidence that a conjunction of planets could be considered a star is lacking. Third and related to this, as Brown points out, the fact that the Magi reported that they had seen the rising of the Messiah’s star is dificult to reconcile with the idea that the Star was two planets. Asia tours 2016.

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