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Asia tour for Astrological geography identiied signs/constellations with regions and/or ethnic groups, but different ancient writers assigned different regions/peoples to different signs/constellations. To the best of our knowledge, no writer ever subsumed Israel/Palestine under Pisces. Moreover, many advocates of the hypothesis that the triple conjunction in Pisces in BC was the Bethlehem Star appeal for support to the commentary on the book of Daniel The Wells of Salvation, AD by the Jewish scholar Don Isaac Abarbanel They claim that Abarbanel’s conviction that a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Pisces would mark the coming of the Messiah was shared by the Biblical Magi some , years beforehand. However, the idea that a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Pisces would mark the birth of the Messiah belongs to the Medieval period and not to the irst millennium BC. Indeed, even according to the principles of Jewish Medieval macro-astrology espoused by these thinkers, the triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in BC was an unimportant one. Fifth, the triple conjunction view cannot explain the behavior of the Star at the climax of the Magi’s journey, as described in Matthew b. The Star was observed to stand over a single house in Bethlehem, pinpointing it as the place where Jesus was. Asia tour 2016.

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