ARTAXATA Artashat. Ancient capital of Armenia, on the River Arax, founded in 166 BC by Artashes and described by Strabo and Plutarch as a splendid city; Nero renamed it Neroneia. It was destroyed by the Romans more than once and rebuilt by Trdat I Tiridates. Here began Trdat III’s 252 330 persecutions of Gregory the Illuminator who, Agathangelos records, was thrown into a pit in the castle of Artaxata now the monastery of Khor Virap. During this period the Arsacid king Chosroes II 331 338 moved his residence from Artaxata to Dvin, a naturally more favorable position, and many inhabitants of the city emigrated there see Faustus of Byzantium, in Langlois, Collection, I, 216; and Moses of Khorene, Ib. II, 136-137. In 449450 a synod was held there in response to the Persian king Yazdegerd II, who had ordered his subjects to convert to Zoroastrianism Garso¯an 126-127. 18 bishops participated from almost all of Armenia, including Roman Armenia. V. Langlois, Collection des historiens anciens et modernes de l’Armnie, Paris 1867 2 vols.; S. Der Nersessian, The Armenians, London 1969, 28-29; A. Khatchatrian, Inscriptions et histoire des glises armniennes, Milan 1974, 30-31; Z. Khachatrian, Artaxata, Capitale dell’Armenia antica, II s. a.C. IV s. d.C., in Ai piedi dell’Ararat: Artaxata e l’Armenia ellenistico-romana, ed. A. Invernizzi, Florence 1998, 95-158; N. Garso¯an, L’glise arm- nienne et le grand schisme d’Orient, Louvain 1999.Coin List – holidaymapq

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