Arsin for This conndrm was already articlated by lato in the Reblic, where Socrates’ hilosohic aeals to jstice are harshly derided by Thrasymachs, who observes that jstice is merely the advantage of the stronger25 Jstice, Thrasymachs arges, is a concet develoed in society by certain sorts of eole to serve articlar interests Those who ractice injstice on a sfficiently large scale become the rlers of a contry and gain the ower to redefine the world, inclding its moral categories, to serve their roses Might makes right Faced with this ossibility, is there any aeal to be made”excet an aeal to a Leviathan”that will kee the strggle for ower from becoming a qest for rthless domination or a deadly war of all against all erhas the beginning of an answer is fond in the very notion that is casing s troble, namely, the ostmodern notion of a socially constrcted identity If or own identities”or most basic beliefs, vales, and self-nderstandings, both eistemological and ethical”are generated within a diverse social environment, then erhas the diversity of this environment shold be defended If one’s own identity or sense of self was able to achieve its crrent form”resmably a form one areciates well enogh”only within an intricate, variegated web of ower, then erhas this comlex network of cometing forms of ower oght to be sstained to allow one’s frther develoment Arsin 2016

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