ARSENIUS of Hypselis d. after 335. Bishop of Hypselis Egypt, instrument of John Arkaph, leader of the Melitians, in the struggle against Athanasius. In 333, exploiting the circumstance of Arsenius’s flight from the confinement imposed on him by the Catholic bishop Plusianus of Lycopolis, the Melitians accused Athanasius of having killed him. Arsenius was hidden in a monastery in the Thebaid and then at Tyre, but both times Athanasius managed to find him, thwarting the Melitians’ effort to frame him and clearing up the affair, first before Constantine’s half-brother Dalmatius, and then at the Council of Tyre 335. Arsenius himself was reconciled with Athanasius. Socrates, HE I, 27-29; Sozomen, HE II, 23-25; Athanasius, Ap. c. Arian. 69; Simonetti 113-114.Venerable Arsenius the Abbot of Komel, Vologda – Orthodox Church … holidaymapq

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