Arriving At Your Travel Destination

Whenever you arrive in any country, whether it be by boat, plane or whatever you are vulnerable. You have all your cash, cards, documents and anything else valuable on you right at that moment. It is even worse if you have never been there before and look like a tourist, there are always people who are willing to “help”. Every precaution you take will help to avoid any potential problems.

Before leaving for your trip, try to get some prior information as to the rough layout of the airport where you will be arriving. This will help, to have a vague sense of where you should be going and where the taxis are located, etc.

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Whenever possible, especially in certain countries, it is best to take either the airport limousine, or a hotel pick up. You could also blog a taxi in advance, it is easy to search for these online now.

Never take a taxi that seems just to be hanging around, offering its services when there is a taxi queue available. Especially avoid any unmarked cars being touted as taxis or minicabs, you have no idea about the driver or where they might take you or what they might do to you.

Change some money into the local currency before you depart (see earlier section on Travel Money Tips), rather than pulling a large amount of money out at the airport arrivals.

If you have not been able to find out anything about the airport that you are visiting then ask one of the airline staff, or the government tourism booth (if they have one at the airport) for some tips on the best way of travelling.

Most countries really are very safe, but in others it is really very advisable to take as many precautions as possible. Try not to look lost and try to avoid anyone who seems too good to be true.

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