ARNOBIUS the Younger d. after 455. There is no ancient mention of Arnobius, called the Younger to distinguish him from Arnobius of Sicca; we know of him from works attributed to him in the manuscript tradition. According to this information, Arnobius was a monk, perhaps African, who lived at Rome from ca. 430 until his death after 455. His first work seems to be the so-called Praedestinatus. The work written under Sixtus III in ca. 435 and which, according to Gori, is authentic see, on the other hand, CPL 243 contains three parts: a catalog of 90 heresies in which the author, recognizing the Catholic faith of Rome, sets up his polemic against Augustinianism; a predestinationist libellum containing the ideas on grace and predestination which at the time were known as Augustinian; and a refutation of the predestinationist heresy. Though he knows some of Augustine’s works, he depends primarily on Pelagian sources and takes a middle road in rejecting early heretical Pelagianism, though he defends the doctrine of Julian of Eclanum. Also attributed to him are the Commentarii in Psalmos, a spiritual interpretation of the psalms, of great interest for the history of the Roman liturgy, and esp. that of public penitence; the Expositiunculae in Evangelium, a series of Scholia on the gospels of Mt, Lk and Jn; and the Liber ad Gregoriam, a consolatio to a Roman noblewoman in a difficult marriage. His most famous work was perhaps the Conflictus Arnobii cum Serapione, containing the transcript of a discussion on the agreement of Roman christological traditions with those of Alexandria, and a reflection by the author himself. It has two parts, the first dealing principally with trinitarian faith, the second with esp. the incarnation Mary: Sitte, Mythologische Quellen des Arnobius theotokos or anthropotokos?. Of particular interest is the patristic documentation supporting his positions. Since the author assumes Chalcedonian faith, he must have written it after 451, thus in the time of Leo I. Finally, it cannot be ruled out that Arnobius edited some hagiographical legends, esp. the Acts of Sylvester.The Conditionalist Faith of Our Fathers, vol. 1, Page 903 — Ellen … holidaymapq

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