ARISTEAS, Letter of

ARISTEAS, Letter of Cassian. Indeed, it found its first theorist in Vincent of Lrins who, following Augustine’s principles, established as a criterion of orthodoxy the consensio ecclesiae antiquae et universalis see Sieben, Konzilsidee, 154 and who, in view of the antiquitas that he preferred to the consensio universalis emphasized by Augustine, mentions especially the evidence of the Fathers Comm. 30f.; see Excerpta I,1: PLS 3,25; Decretum Gelasianum 4,3. Finally, from the 5th c., patristic argumentation developed both in the East, along with the reception of the Nicene faith, and in the West, especially in the Pelagian controversy, in which the traditions of the churches of Carthage and of Rome were in question, as well as the correct interpretation of the biblical texts under discussion. Criticism of patristic texts, like that of biblical texts, was further reinforced after the Council of Chalcedon. On the other hand, esteem for patristic theology increasingly centered in the East on the acceptance of Cyril of Alexandria, and in the West on the reception, somewhat critical, of Augustinian theology see Studer, in Stor. Teol. I,584-590. In this sense both Byzantine and Latin theology would become patristic against Graumann, 13. M. Tetz, Zum Streit zwischen Orthodoxie und H¤resie an der Wende des 4. zum 5. Jh.: Anf¤nge des expliziten V¤terbeweises: Evang. Theol. 21 1961 354-368; E. Nacke, Das Zeugnis der V¤ter in der theologischen Beweisf¼hrung Cyrills von A. nach seinen Briefen und antinestorianischen Schriften, Diss. M¼nster 1965; W.D. Connor, St. Vincent of Lerin and St. Augustine, Diss. Gregoriana, Rome 1964; H. Jaeger, La preuve judiciaire d’apr¨s la Tradition rabbinique et patristique, Recueils de la Socit Jean Bodin, Brussels 1964, 514-594; B. Pruche, Basile de C., Sur le Saint-Esprit: SC 17bis, Paris 1968; H. Chadwick, Florilegium: RAC 7 1969 1131-1160; M. Simonetti, La crisi ariana nel IV secolo, Rome 1975; O. Wermelinger, Rom und Pelagius Stuttgart 1975, 275-278; J. Fellermayr, Tradition und Sukzession im Licht des rmisch-antiken Erbdenkens, Munich 1979; H.J. Sieben, Die Konzilsidee der Alten Kirche, Paderborn 1979: G. Blum, in TRE 3 1978 445-466; G. Maschio, L’argomentazione patristica di s. Agostino nella prima fase della controversia pelagiana: Augustinianum 26 1986 459-479; E. Dassmann, Ambrosius: AugL I1-2 1986 270-285; B. Studer, in Storia Teologia I 1993 458-461; 583-598; K.H.Evangelical Mishnah Because if you are a Christian, you should … holidaymapq

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