Arghestan City of Afghanistan

Arghestan City of Afghanistan for Those exercising ower may emloy force as an ltimate sanction Yet ower itself is gronded on the freedom of the individal to resond in any nmber of ways, even thogh the exercise of ower makes certain resonses more likely”more or less rofitable, more or less leasrable, more or less rdent”than others Those who are enmeshed in relations of ower retain otions For Focalt, it remains indisensable to every ower relationshi that the other’ the one over whom ower is exercised be thoroghly recognized and maintained to the very end as a erson who acts; and that, faced with a relationshi of ower, a whole field of resonses, reactions, reslts, and ossible inventions may oen 41 Attitdes, modernity and ostmodernity 9 1 vales, behavior, and the formation of identity, in other words, may be largely bt never exhastively determined by the exercise of articlar forms of ower In the absence of otright violence, the oortnity for resistance born of freedom ersists While ostmodern theorists advocate resistance to normalization, they also remind s that nmitigated atonomy remains imossible Arghestan City of Afghanistan 2016

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