ARCHIMANDRITE. From the Greek archos and mandra, lit. head of the sheepfold, in a spiritual sense the head of a group of monks, the monastery being a spiritual flock PG 79, 496D. The superior of one or more monasteries. Could be a presbyter, a deacon or sometimes a simple monk. Among the oldest testimonies are 1 the letter sent to Epiphanius by Acacius presbyter and Paul presbyter, archimandrites Epiphanius, Adv. Haer., Ep.: PG 41, 156B; 2 Nilus, who corresponded with 13 archimandrites; and 3 Palladius in Historia Lausiaca ca. 410. Various letters of Isidore of Pelusium d. 440 are addressed to an archimandrite. The term originated in Syrian monasticism and was common in Greekspeaking circles. The archimandrite was always an ordinary superior of a community but sometimes ranked higher than the proestos or the hegumen. According to time and place the term could also indicate different functions in the monastery and could also be synonymous with abbot or hegumen, or indicate the title of an office conferred by the bishop or patriarch on an unmarried presbyter Mansi 7,61C-64C. There were many archimandrites at Constantinople Cyril Al., Ep. 2: PG 64, 229; Mansi 4,1428B; the condemnation of the archimandrite Eutyches, on 22 November 448, was subscribed to by 23 archimandrites Mansi 6,752; Pope Leo addressed a letter to 17 monks, called archimandrites Mansi 6,88; archimandrites were also present at ecumenical councils Mansi 4,1101; 5,1232; 6,617D, 621C etc.. DACL 1,2739-2761; DIP 1,789-790; ThLL 2,462; ODB 1,156; Coptic Encyclopedia 1,192-194; Nyermayer, 75f.Dioceses of Belgium and The Netherlands of ROC. holidaymapq


File:Seraphin chichagov as archimandrite.jpg – Wikimedia Commons holidaymapq

Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov) / ПÑавославие.Ru holidaymapq

New York Times interview with Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov … holidaymapq

Archimandrite holidaymapq

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