ARBELA. Capital of Adiabene, today Irbil, in Iraq, 50 km 31 mi NE of Mosul. The bishop first lived at Hazza, near Arbela, which under Papa 310 317 became the country’s metropolitan see, taking the fifth place after the principal see of Seleucia-Ctesiphon, capital of the Sassanid kingdom; Bishop John Iohannon d. 343 and his successor Abraham d. 345 were martyred. The catholicos extended his authority over a vast territory Assyria. In the 6th c. Paul of Nisibis d. 571, Nestorian exegete and theologian, founded a Christian school there. In the 9th c. the see of Hazza-Arbela lost its metropolitan role to Mosul 826827. Arbela’s bishops are attested to more or less continually until the 15th c. The oldest church recorded in the sources seems to be that of St. Hanania 6th c., but information on it and other Christian buildings at Arbela is rather opaque. J.-M. Fiey, Assyrie Chrtienne, Beirut 1965, 37-218; A. Vbus, History of the School of Nisibis, CSCO 266, Louvain 1965, 170- 172; J.-M. Fiey, Pour un Oriens Christianus Novus, Beirut 1993, 78-80.Arbela (Erbil) – Livius holidaymapq

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