Arakli for Among adolescent survivors of cancer, intentions to be physically active on a regular basis were predicted by affective attitudes towards physical activity e.g. enjoyable?unenjoyable and instrumental attitudes useful?useless, but not by any of the other TPB components per cent of variance explained in total. Physical activity itself was explained by intention per cent variance explained and by self-efficacy a further per cent variance explained. This study assessed both PBC and SE and it is the latter that emerged significant Keats et al That different components of the TPB explain intention and actual exercise behaviour was confirmed in a meta-analysis of exercise behaviour among healthy populations Hagger . The uptake of screening opportunities for cervical cancer and breast cancer has been extensively explored, with different TPB variables explaining or, in cross-sectional studies associating with intention than explaining actual behaviour. For example, Rutter found that intention to attend screening was predicted by attitude, perceived behavioural control and subjective norm, although only attitude and subjective norm were predictive of actual uptake of screening. Arakli 2016.

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