AQUINCUM. Town located in Pannonia Inferior, in Valeria Ripensis after Diocletian. Under Trajan the 2nd legion Adiutrix founded the castrum of Aquincum in the territory of Obuda, now a quarter of Budapest; it was later made a colonia by Septimius Severus. Valentinian II was proclaimed emperor 376 in its castrum militare. From the 5th to the 10th c. Aquincum was depopulated. The city’s dominant religion was the cult of the SunMithras. No Christian remains have beeen found from before Constantine, and very few after the mid 4th c., almost all from cemeteries. More recently, six Christians buildings have been found in Aquincum: four early basilicas, two in the city, one in the military quarter a private house transformed for Christian worship and a basilica coemeterialis; also a trichora cell and a clergy house near one of the basilicas. PLRE 2, 333; L. Nagy, Pannonia Sacra, Budapest 1938, 62-64; J. Szilgyi, Aquincum, Budapest 1956.Aquincum museum and ruin garden – Budapest Museums – Museum in … holidaymapq

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Aquincum museum and ruin garden – Budapest Museums – Museum in … holidaymapq

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