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Aqarims for sale for Bt when they oened the lid, they saw that any trace of his body had comletely vanished All they heard was the clear, shar sond of his hand bell tinkling in the air before this, too, faded away Th e koan abot the fox/monk deals with the nconventional act of giving a reglar Bddhist fneral for a shae- shift ing sirit Th e ha case is one of nmeros examles in early Zen literatre of monks who demonstrate the ability to conqer ordinary mortality and therefore do not reqire a traditional brial In some instances, a master is able to redict or reglate the timing and ostre sch as sitting in the lots osition at the moment of dying, which transforms death from a sorce of olltion to a manifestation of sreme rity Here, the osthmos disaearance of ha’s body is in accord with images of miraclos aft erlife occrrences of Bddhist saints and Zen atriarchs, inclding examles of emty coffi ns and ristine bodies that have not decayed Monastic Transmission 141 Th is attern was established in Zen rec ords with the accont of the emeror giving instrctions for Bodhidharma’s grave to be oened and fi nding an emty coffi n with only one leather sandal inside Aqarims for sale 2016

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