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Aqarim slies for ha lift ed the coffi n on his sholders and went off with it He araded all over town, calling ot, Linji has made this one- iece robe for me! I am going to the east gate of the town now to take leave of this world! Th e townseole trailed aft er him to see what wold haen ha said, I am not going to do it today Bt tomorrow I will go to the soth gate of the town to take leave of this world Aft er three days of this activity, no one in town took his roclamations seriosly anymore On the forth day, when not a sol was trailing aft er or watching him, ha went all by himself otside the city gates, laid the coffi n on the grond, and asked a asserby to nail down the lid Immediately, word of this event sread all over town, and eole came to fi nd the coffi n Aqarim slies 2016

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