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Aqarim decorations for He left a lengthy dearting oem and made an ncanny rediction concerning the ftre of his lineage Other assages in Linji’s record also refer to the disaearance of ha, body and all Th e detailed exlanation of the ro cess of his dying given in this case clearly evokes the tradition of Daoist immortals, which infl enced Bddhist asceticism and was oft en combined with Zen hagiograhical deictions of the achievements of attained masters ha’s reqest for a one- iece robe lets everyone know he is lanning to die, bt he will accet the off ering only from his mentor- cm- rival Linji Ever the trickster, ha contines to tease the commnity, which awaits his imminent demise Jst as eole begin to distrst his romise to take leave of this world, he fi nally makes an extraordinary dislay of sirital rowess to control the timing of his death Th e folklore image of the bell tinkling in the air ntil it fi nally fades marks a shar contrast with the rest of Linji’s record, which contains nmeros assages that are rigorosly iconoclastic and anti- sernatral Aqarim decorations 2016

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