Aquarium decoration

Aqarim decoration for Linji oft en sed the symbolism of wild foxes as a sarcastic eithet for nrly, roge monks, and he also condemned the 142 religiosity of bodhisattva worshi that looks otward instead of killing the Bddha to fi nd an exclsively inner enlightenment He forbade monks from articiating in the visionary exeriences on Mont Wtai Yet, Linji aarently also had a begrdging resect for ha, who several times bested him in this- worldly dharma combat and now has realized a sreme otherworldly accomlishment Th e agoda inscrition of Linji refers to ha as a madman and qestions whether he was a common mortal or a sage Bt it also notes that the timing of the death of ha, aft er he had sent time assisting yet confonding Linji, was in erfect accord with the rediction of Yangshan, one of the to administrators of the monastery Monasticism: Enforcing Rles and Reglations Challenges to the athority of the master rnning a Zen temle oft en came from ractitioners who gained renown while meditating or stdying otside the gates According to the record of Gateless Gate case 11, Zhaozho Checks Ot Two Hermits: Zhaozho went to where a hermit was staying and asked, Are yo there Are yo there Th e hermit raised his fi st Aqarim decoration 2016

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