APOLLONIUS of Ephesus late 2nd-early 3rd? c.. Author of an anti-Montanist treatise, probably in one book, cited by Eusebius HE V, 18, 10.11, in which he deeply examines Montanist prophecies to prove their insubstantiality Eus., HE V, 18,1 and denounces the reprehensible morals that he attributes to exponents of the movement. Apollonius wrote 40 years after Montanus had started preaching Eus., HE V, 18,12, which according to Eusebius was in 172 173: thus Apollonius wrote in 212. This date seems late given the vigor with which Apollonius opposes the sect’s leaders, esp. a prophetess who seems to be Maximilla Eus., HE V, 18,6- 10. Perhaps the figure of 40 years is erroneous, or perhaps Apollonius argued with Maximilla as though she were still alive. According to Jerome Vir. ill. 40, Tertullian wrote book VII of his lost treatise On Ecstasy against Apollonius.Story of Apollonius of Tyana holidaymapq

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