Apollinaris of Laodicea

APOLLINARIS the Elder d. after 362. Socrates and Sozomen give information on the father of Apollinaris of Laodicea. Born at Alexandria, a Christian and a grammarian by profession, he taught first at Berytus Beirut, then at Laodicea in Syria Latakieh, where his son Apollinaris was born between 300 and 315. He was a priest during Theodotus’s episcopate 332 335 and his son a lector; both of them taught, the father grammar, the son rhetoric. They attended the lectures of the pagan rhetor Epiphanius, which provoked various prohibitions on the part of Bishop Theodotus, reaching the point of a period of excommunication for the two clerics. The excommunication was repeated by Bishop George, Theodotus’s successor. Sozomen, however, gives a complex interpretation of this second excommunication: George of Laodicea’s measures were a sign of his opposition to the strong Nicene attachment of the two Apollinarises, and to their friendship with Athanasius who, passing through Laodicea on his return from exile in 346, was a guest at their house. In 362 the law of Julian the Apostate aimed at removing Christian professors from schools by prohibiting the explanation of Christian authors led the elder Apollinaris to draw up an adaptation of the Pentateuch in hexameters; he is said to have done the same for the other historical books of the OT in 24 poems. It is said he titled this vast Homeric-style poem the Jewish Archaeology. Still, according to Socrates and Sozomen, Apollinaris the father also drew subjects for lyric and dramatic compositions from the sacred books, in the manner of Pindar and Euripides. Nothing remains of his work. Socrates, HE II, 46; III, 15-16: PG 67, 361-364; 417-424; Sozomen, HE V, 18; VI, 25: PG 67, 1269-1272; 1630-1631; DCB I, 133- 134; DHGE III, 961-962; DB I, 773; P. Batiffol, La littrature grecque, Paris 1901, 288-289; J. Dr¤seke, Apollinaris von Laodicea TU VII, Leipzig 1872, 3-4; 7-9; 15-17; 63-80; H. Lietzmann, Apollinaris von Laodicea und seine Schule, T¼bingen 1904, 1-3; 9-10; 44-46; 150-152; P. Allard, Julien l’Apostate, II 369-371.8 Januari, Santo Apollinaris, Martir Paroki Hati Kudus Yesus Tegal holidaymapq

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