APOCRYPHA IN EASTERN LANGUAGES. Apocrypha also had a very important role in ancient Eastern literature. A large number were translated from the Greek, with the pattern of translation usually being Greek-Coptic-Arabic-Ethiopian; or Greek- Syriac-Armenian-Georgian; some Georgian texts were translated from Syriac; some apocrypha were also written in Eastern languages. The texts translated from the Greek often contain many interesting variations. The translations are usually paraphrases, often with a strong accent on local customs and other local elements. We will limit ourselves here to a bibliographical summary of Muslim and Christian apocrypha in the most important languages of the Christian East. An introduction to Eastern apocrypha: F. Haase, Literararkritische Untersuchungen zur orientalischen-apokryphen Evangelienliteratur, Leipzig 1913; information on apocrypha in M. Albert, R. Beylot, R.G. Cocquin, B. Outtier, Ch. Renoux, A. 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