APELLES 2nd c.. Disciple of Marcion, first lived at Rome with his master; he then separated, going for a while to Alexandria of Egypt, then returning to Rome. Apelles wrote a large volume of Syllogisms to demonstrate the unreliability of the OT; Ambrose preserved a great number of passages from it in his De Paradiso. Nothing remains of his book titled Revelations, in which Apelles divulged the visions of the prophetess Philomena, probably his disciple. Under the emperor Commodus he had a public dispute with Tatian’s disciple Rhodo see Eus., HE V,13,1-7. According to Eusebius of Caesarea, it seems Apelles distanced himself from Marcion’s doctrine on many important points. In particular, first, he repudiated his explicit dualism, admitting one, good God, who created the angelic world; one of the angels, the demiurge, then created the lower world of matter in the image of the higher world. Second, Apelles eliminated Marcion’s docetism: Jesus was no longer a ghost but had a real body and was sent by God to correct the demiurge’s work. However, Apelles went well beyond his master in rejecting the OT, which he considered not only a book having no religious value whatsoever but also fraudulent, full of contradictions and altogether unreliable. A. von Harnack, De Apellis gnosi monarchica, Leipzig 1874; Id., Sieben neue Bruchst¼cke der Syllogismen des Apelles, Leipzig 1890, 111-120 TU 6,3; Id., Unbeachtete und neue Quellen zur Kenntnis des H¤retikers Apelles, Leipzig 1900, 93-100 TU 20; Id., Marcion, Leipzig 2 1924, 117ff.; G. Quispel, Die Reue des Schpfers: TZ 5 1949 157-158; J.P. Mah, Sources Chrtiennes 216, vol. I, Paris 1975, 59-61; K. Rudolph, Die Gnosis. Wesen und Geschichte einer sp¤tantiken Religion, Leipzig 1977, 338-339; H. Savon, Saint Ambrise devant l’exg¨se del Philon le Juif, Paris 1977, vol. I., 25-54; E. Junod: Augustinianum 22 1982 113-133.archivealexander holidaymapq

APELLES 2nd c Photo Gallery

Willem van Haecht, ‘Apelles paints Campaspe’, c. 1630. Oil on … holidaymapq

Thomas, 2nd Baron Vaux, c.1533, by Hans Holbein the Younger Hans … holidaymapq

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