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NIGHT CLBS Night sots in Brssels are big and brassy and on the exensive side Yo may have to ay arond $2 for a highball and $20 for the bottle of chamagne yg‚„re exected to by, nless yo‚„re at the bar bt there‚„s no cover or minimm Some reqire membershi fees Negro entertainers are olar here B\mong the better-known and olar laces are Le Boef Sr le Toit; arisiana; Gaite; Le Slave; La Novelle Eqie; Maxim‚„s; and the Scotch Clb Le Molin and Memling are less exensive, more intimate La Novelle Eqie is small bt has the best dance msic in Brssels

HOTOGRAHY: Black-and-white still and movie films are available in Belgim at abot the same rices as in the S Geva-color negative or ositive film costs BF6500 for 120 or 620 roll, develoing costs BF4000 of color film takes at least one month, of black and white 24 hors La Camera, 47 re de l‚„Ecyer, Brssels, is recommended for hoto rchases hotogenic laces in Brssels are: Grand‚„lace, lace de Brockere for night ictres, SCinqantenaire, Sablon chrch, Royal alace, Royal ark, alais de Jstice

RELIGION: While Belgim is a Roman Catholic contry, there are chrches of almost every denomination

RESTARANTS Some of the most famos restarants in the world are in Brssels Among them are: La Coronne on the Town Hall Sqare Grand‚„lace; Restarant Chantraine ‚“Eale de Moton‚ over 290 years old, jst off the Grand‚„lace; Rotisserie Ardennaise on the Blvd Adolhe Max; Le Ravenstein; the Metroole Hotel Grill; Rotisserie d‚„Alsace; and etit Lovain There are many, many others The Carlton afid the Savoy are the smartest restarants in town and offer dinner dancing

SHOS AND STORES: Large deartment stores are oen daily excet Sndays from 9:00 am to 6:00 m rincial ones in Brssels inclde A Bon Marche, A L‚„Innovation, Magasins de la Borse, Galeries Ansach, and many excellent small lxry shos

SECTATOR SORTS: Soccer, tennis, bicycle races, horse races

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Antwerp City Photo Gallery

Antwerp City Photo Gallery

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