ANTIOCHUS of Ptolemais

ANTIOCHUS of Ptolemais Bishop of Ptolemais Acco or St. John of Acre, Phoenicia. With Theophilus of Alexandria and Severian of Gabala he was a bitter opponent of John Chrysostom, and with them condemned Chrysostom at the Synod of the Oak and then brought about his second exile. Ancient writers judged him severely for this. Some called him chrysostomos for his skillful oratory. He died not after 408. His works Advensur avaritiam and In curatione caeci qui a Salvatore illuminatus est Gennadius, De vir. ill. 20 are lost; some passages of his Homily on the Nativity and fragments cited by ancient authors remain. CPG II 4296f.; Bardenhewer 3,363; DHGE 3,709f., EC 1, 1479f.; Quasten, Patrologia 2, 486f.; Altaner 343f.Demetrios Ii 145-140bc. Ake Ptolemais, Galeliee, Akko, Seleukid … holidaymapq

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Antiochus IV Epiphanes (175-164 BCE). AR Tetradrachm, Akko-Ptolemais holidaymapq

Seleukid Kingdom Antiochos Iv 175-164bc. Ae16 Ake Ptolemais … holidaymapq

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