Antioch for Cross-sectional studies of factors influencingbreast screening found subjective norm and perceived behavioural control to RESEARCH FOCUS Belief salience and theory of planned behaviour variables predict breast screening attendance Steadman, L., Rutter, D.R. and Field, S Individually elicited versus modal normative beliefs in predicting attendance at breast screening examining the role of belief salience in the theory of planned behaviour. British Journal of Health Psychology, B ack ground Subjective norm SN beliefs have been found to be partial explanations of intention to act in addition to attitude and perceived behavioural control but less often predict behaviour. In many such studies, subjective norm is assessed by asking individuals to state what they believe the norms and expectancies of a range of listed other people are in relation to the behaviour in question. In this method of questioning, an individual is prompted to think of many people or many influences and a modal’ belief is what is analysed. Antioch 2016.

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