ANTHIMUS of Nicomedia

ANTHIMUS of Nicomedia Bishop of Nicomedia during the reign of Diocletian, Anthimus was put to death, according to Eusebius of Caesarea HE VIII 6,6; 13,1, shortly after the promulgation of the first Diocletian edict of persecution 24 February 303; Lact., De mont. pers. 13-14. Behind the killing of Anthimus and numerous other faithful was a fire that broke out in the imperial palace of Nicomedia, which Galerius accused the Christians of starting. In the Martyrologium Hier. the dies natalis of Anthimus is 27 April, in the Martyrologium Syr. 24 April and in the Byzantine church 3 September. A late, legendary passio attributed to Simeon Metaphrastes PG 115, 172- 184 describes in detail his life, virtues and death. The numerous Sts. Anthimus in the hagiographical tradition have led to a possible identification supported by Delehaye and Mara of the St. Anthimus of the Via Salaria with St. Anthimus, bishop of Nicomedia. G. Mercati, Anthimi Nicomediensis episcopi et Martyris de sancta Ecclesia: ST 5, Vatican City 1901, 87-98; DHGE 3,530; H. Delehaye, Propylaeum AASS Decembr. Martyrologium Romanum, Brussels 1940, 184; Id., OC 148-50; M.G. Mara, Contributo allo studio della Passio Anthimi, Rome 1964; I Martiri della Salaria: Antimo, Massimo, Basso, Fabio, secondo gli Acta SS. Anthimi et sociorum eius: Il Paleocristiano in Bassa Sabina, Rome 1980, 11-27; BBKL 1, 189.Bulletin September 16, 2012 Christ the Saviour Orthodox … holidaymapq

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