ANONYMOUS SICILIAN Early 5th-c. author, a layman of Roman origin, trained in rhetoric and theology. Converted in Sicily by an exceptionally bright woman Ep. 1,1, this author sought to spread an authentic and ascetic Pelagian-style Christianity, particularly characterized by the irreconcilability of riches and Christian faith, marriage and chastity. Six works have been preserved, written probably 411 416: two collections of letters, De divitiis, De malis doctoribus et operibus fidei, De possibilitate non peccandi and De castitate. LACL 38; C. Caspari, Briefe, Abhandlungen und Predigten aus den letzten zwei Jahrhunderte des kirchlichen Altertums, Berlin 1964 1 1890 3-167; PLS, 1, 1330-1505, 1687-1694; PLS 2, 1375- 1380; M. Winterbottom, Pelagiana: JTS 38 1987 106-129 corrections; B.R. Rees, The Letters of Pelagius and His Followers, Woodbridge 1991 Eng. tr.; A. Kessler, Reichtumskritik und Pelagianismus, Fribourg 1999; M.R. Rackett, Anxious for Wordly Things: SP 33 1977 229-235.Anonymous 209-208 B.C. Denarius Sicilian mint. Good VF holidaymapq


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