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Ankleshwar India for Much of the military technology developed during the war”jet aircraft, sophisticated electronics, synthetic textiles”had valuable peacetime applications. In retrospective assessments of the lessons to be learned from the war, the revival of the principal belligerents has most commonly been depicted as a Keynesian success story. The cancellation of inter-Allied war debts; the injection into Western Europe of $13 billion of U.S. aid under the MARSHALL PLAN; the spread of social democracy with its openness to economic interventionism; and the inauguration of a multilateral trade system have ensured that the crises of the interwar years would not be repeated. While there are fewer firm indications than was once assumed to show a cause-and-effect relationship between any of these factors and the pace of recovery, it can be said that economic integration was one of the few positive consequences of the war. The leaders of the United States saw protectionism as one of the principal causes of the conflict, and multilateralism as the cure. Ankleshwar India 2016.

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