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Ankara Metro Map on Hobson’s proposed solution was the same as in the previous instance: the raising of living standards at home to absorb surplus wealth and expand the domestic market. Hobson’s importance lies in a catalyzing influence upon the ideas of others, rather than as the founder of a school of his own. His theory of imperialism, for example, was taken up in 1916 by V.I. LENIN, who used it to explain why the inevitable crisis of capitalisma notion to which Hobson himself did not subscribehad failed to occur. Similarly, his insistence on the need to stimulate demand and raise the purchasing power of the masses was echoed by Keynes, who nonetheless rejected Hobson’s proposition that over-saving rather than under-investment was to blame for economic depressions. But as a theorist who stressed the interconnectedness of economics, politics, international relations Hobson, John Atkinson 381 and ethics, Hobson helped to lay the foundations for a more holistic and interdisciplinary approach to social science, an emphasis that has led to a recent revival of interest in his ideas. Ankara Metro Map 2016.

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