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Ankara Map Tourist Attractions on The rural economy was able to take on many of the urban workers who had lost industrial jobs, or at the very least families were able to rely on networks of kin for food, but this undynamic agricultural sector was obviously not the route out of the Depression. France’s eventual economic recovery came under the vigorously interventionist Popular Front government of 193638, though this experiment in popular socialism was ended by France’s rapid defeat by the Germans in 1940. France’s wartime collaborationist government under Marchal Ptain had a rather incoherent belief in both tradition and technocracy, claiming its National Revolution would return France to its best (rightist, rural) traditions, while revolutionizing French industry. Neither of these policy directions were realized, primarily because the French economy was subservient to the German war machine. Price notes that By 1943, 15 percent of the agricultural and 40 percent of industrial output was exported to Germany, and paid for largely by the French themselves in the form of occupation costs. In addition, the French sent more than 680,000 workers to German factories. France after 1945. Ankara Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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