ANICIA JULIANA Wife of the consul and senator Olybrius, daughter-in-law of Anicia Faltonia Proba, famous as the mother of Demetrias. After her husband’s early death in the sack of Rome at the hands of the Goths 410, she fled to Carthage, where she distinguished herself by charitable works. There her daughter Demetrias created a stir by renouncing a brilliant marriage and consecrating herself to God. Letters of congratulations written on this occasion to Anicia Juliana by Pope Innocent I PL 20, 518-519 and Augustine Ep. 150, CSEL 44, 380-382 have reached us; Jerome, in the letter Ad Demetriadem, calls her holy mother Ep. 130, CSEL 561, 177. Augustine dedicated the De bono viduitatis CSEL 41,303-343 to her, and later wrote a letter Ep. 188, CSEL 57,119-130 warning her of Pelagius’s short treatise Ad Demetriadem, which was circulating anonymously. Two notes from John Chrysostom Ep. 168-169, PG 52, 709 have also reached us, one to Anicia Juliana and the other to Faltonia Proba. PLRE I, 468; G. Mariani, Sant’Agostino guida spirituale. Lettere del vescovo di Ippona a Proba, Giuliana e Demetriade, Rome 1982.
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Anicius Olybrius . (c.431 – c.472) – Genealogy holidaymapq

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