ANICETUS, pope 155 166. Born at Emesa in Syria to a certain John, according to the LP I, 134. The same source, citing Irenaeus of Lyons Adv. haer. III, 3, 3, says his pontificate lasted 3 years. Anicetus is thought to have been bishop of Rome from 155 166. The Roman church must have been very lively during his pontificate, given the presence and visits of various important personages: Justin Martyr, Tatian, Hegesippus Eus., HE IV,11,7; IV,22,3. Polycarp was also at Rome to discuss with Anicetus the question of the date of Easter. The two talked at length, calmly and without rigidity on the part of either. No agreement was reached, but Polycarp departed from Anicetus in peace and friendship nonetheless Iren., Epist. ad Vict., in Eus., HE IV,15; V,24,14-17. Polycarp also met with various heretics during his stay, leading them back to orthodoxy Iren., Adv. haer. III,3,4. Anicetus also fought heresies vigorously, especially the gnosticism of Valentinus and Marcion, in Rome at the time to spread their doctrines Iren., Adv. haer. III,4,3; Tertull., Adv. Marc. I,19. According to the LP, Anicetus authored some disciplinary decrees. Martyred during the persecution of Antoninus 17 April.Eastern Saint of the Day: The Holy Martyrs Photius and Anicetus … holidaymapq

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Saint Anicetus, Pope and Martyr of the Catholic Church holidaymapq

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Martyr Anicetus of Nicomedia – Orthodox Church in America holidaymapq

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