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Native of Clysma in Egypt near Suez, after 25 years as a pearl fisher he became a disciple of Pachomius. Retiring first to Nitria, then to Syria region of Nisibis, he founded a monastery on Mt. Izla, where he had 70 disciples, who in turn founded numerous monasteries. Eugenius Awgin in Syriac MSS was the founder of monasticism in Syria, according to the legendary life that appeared in the 9th c. and was spread by numerous MSS. Critical opinion on its historicity varies. J. Assemani, Angola Metro Map improbably, identifies Eugenius with Aon¨s Soz., HE VI, 33-34, calls Aon¨s one of the founders of monasticism in Persia, J. Labourt explains how Eugenius Awgin could be identified with the founder of the Mar Agwin monastery of Izla, and P. Peeters holds that the story of Eugenius belongs to the cycle of legends formed around the monastery of St. Jacob of Nisibis. His Egyptian origin may simply be a response to the desire to give Mesopotamian monasticism an illustrious ancestry in Egypt, the home of monasticism.

A. Vbus, History of Asceticism in the Syrian Orient, I, Louvain 1958, 21-220; J.M. Fiey, Aon¨s, Awun et Awgin Eug¨ne. Aux origines du monachisme msopotamien: AB 80 1962 52-81; DHGE 15, 1359-1360; DIP 3, 1343; LTK 3, 980. EUGENIUS I, pope 654 657. Native of Rome, succeeded Martin I while the latter was still in exile in Crimea. Immediately upon his election Eugenius began to work for reconciliation between the church of Rome and Constans II, a supporter of monothelitism.

To this end he sent apocrisaries to the Byzantine court to inform the emperor of his election, and to reaffirm the orthodox faith and the Roman see’s opposition to monothelitism. The patriarch Pyrrhus, promoter of the Typos, offered to assist the papal legates. Upon Pyrrhus’s death a year later, his successor Paul sent Eugenius a letter in which he expressed a somewhat ambiguous position on the monothelite question. Angola Metro Map The document was repudiated by a meeting of the Roman clergy and people, supported by Maximus the Confessor. As a result relations between the papacy and the Eastern empire once again became tense, Angola Metro Map though without a direct conflict, in part due to the weakness of the emperor, who had been defeated at Phoenix by the Muslims in 655. Eugenius died after a pontificate of nearly three years, 6 June 657.

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