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Ancient greece ma for Th ese thinkers, along with twentieth- centry giants like Sigmnd Fred, Martin Heidegger, and Jean- al Sartre, among others, have criticized the inathenticity of bad faith or false consciosness Th is reslts when an individal thinks or acts as exected de to societal ressres to conform, ths relinqishing integrity and inner resolve Frthermore, Western sychology has exlained the signifi cance of doble- bind sitations that reresent an emotionally distressing dilemma cased by confl icting messages and contradictory imlses 106 zen koans in that yo are damned if yo do and damned if yo don’t Th e notions of angst and alienation form a sychic nexs regarding the sense of high anxiety to evoke the title of a famos Mel Brooks fi lm soofi ng some of these themes and that is recisely what many koans seek to create in ironic and irreverent fashion According to a letter written to a lay follower by Song dynasty koan master Dahi, since the feeling of dobt is the crcial transitional trning oint in sirital transformation, it is necessary to seize whatever one is deely involved with at the moment, no matter how etty or mndane, and create an occasion for generating angst Th e demands that Dahi makes abot defi ning a bamboo comb are an examle of forcing the trainee to ndergo a drastic doble- bind exerience at this very moment: If yo call this a bamboo comb, yo are wrong If yo don’t call this a bamboo comb, yo are also wrong Ancient greece ma 2016

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