ANATOLIUS of Constantinople

ANATOLIUS of Constantinople d. 458. Born at Alexandria, ordained deacon by St. Cyril and sent as apocrisarius to Constantinople. Anatolius retained this post when Dioscorus became patriarch of Alexandria; with the latter’s support he was elected patriarch of Constantinople at the death of Flavian, during the latrocinium of Ephesus 449. Pope Leo the Great thus wanted to ascertain his orthodoxy and demanded of him a declaration of faith and the condemnation of Nestorius and Eutyches, which he gave. He worked for the acceptance of the Tomus ad Flavianum and played an important part in the Council of Chalcedon, approving the deposition of Nestorius. Leo the Great praised his zeal for orthodoxy, but at times lamented him, esp. regarding his support for canon 28, which sanctioned the primacy of Constantinople in the East, for his deposition of archdeacon Aetius in favor of the Eutychian Andrew, and for the favor accorded two Eutychian priests Atticus and Andrew. He died 458, while negotiating this last case with the pope. M. Jugie judges him severely an opportunist by temperament. The Greek church venerates him as a saint. CPG III, 5956-5961; PL 54, 854-856, 952-960, 959-965, 976-984, 1082-1084 = ACO II, 4, XLV-XLVI; II, 1, 3, 116-118; II, 4, 52-54; II, 4, 168-169; II, 5, 24-26; PG 95, 73c. M. Jugie, EC 1, 1161; DHGE 2, 1497-1500; R. Janin, LTK 1, 497; G. Eldarov, BS 1, 1883- 1884; Fliche-Martin, Storia della Chiesa 4, Turin 3 1972, 311-315, 396-397, 411-415.St Anatolius the Patriarch of Constantinople – Orthodox Church in … holidaymapq

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