ANASTASIUS II of Antioch d. 609610. Patriarch who succeeded Anastasius I in 599. He communicated his election to Gregory the Great, who replied Ep. 7,48 exhorting him to put an end to simony. He died a martyr in 609610 at the hands of the Jews who sacked Antioch in reaction to the emperor Phocas’s imposing conversion to Christianity on them. They captured the patriarch, mutilated him and threw him to the flames. In the Roman Martyrology his feast is 21 December. His writings are either lost or are of very doubtful attribution; lost also is his translation of the Regula pastoralis of Gregory the Great Ep. 12,6 Hartmann. CPG III, 453: Anastasius Sinaita, nota; Bardenhewer V, 150; Beck 401; DHGE II, 1460-1461; BS I, 1052-1053; Altaner 550.Anastasius holidaymapq

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Anastasius holidaymapq

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