ANANIAS and SAPPHIRA iconography

ANANIAS and SAPPHIRA iconography. The pair is rarely depicted Acts 5:1-11. On the mid-4th-c. Brescia reliquary Kollwitz, pl. 2, Peter sits on the left in tunic and pallium, interrogating Sapphira, who stands; a sack of money is between them; on the right four young men carry Ananias’s corpse. On the basis of this depiction, the scene may be identifiable on a fragment of a sarcophagus of Callisto ca. 370 400; Ws 145,2. The scene also appears on a fragment preserved in the Calvet Museum at Avignon Ws 145,3, on which two youths are depicted only one remains carrying a dead body. DACL 1, 1896ff.; EC 1, 1143ff.; LCI 1, 166 s.v. Petrus; J. Kollwitz, Die Lipsanothek von Brescia, Berlin-Leipzig 1933; F.W. Deichmann, Repertorium der christlich-antiken Sarkophage. Erster Band: Rom und Ostia, eds. G. Bovini and H. Brandenburg, Wiesbaden 1967; A. Monachesi, s.v. Anania e Saffira, in Temi di iconografia paleocristiana, ed. F. Bisconti, Rome 2000, 104-105.Ananias and Sapphira ” Acts 5:1-11 Irreducible Complexity holidaymapq

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