ANACLETUS or Cletus, pope 76 88. Irenaeus of Lyons and Eusebius of Caesarea, citing the oldest list of the bishops of Rome Adv. haer. III, 3; HE V, 6. 1; see III, 2 and 4, name Anacletus as Peter’s second successor, after Linus and before Clement. His pontificate is thought to have been from 76 88, but the dates are uncertain. The complicated question concerning the identification of Anacletus with Cletus that is, whether it is one or two persons goes back to the Roman Martyrology. That document separates them, putting Anacletus’s feast on 13 July and Cletus’s on 26 April; both are presented as martyrs. Baronius agrees with this interpretation and these dates. More recently the historical basis for their identification has been demonstrated L. Duchesne, based on the testimony of Irenaeus and Eusebius. For the LP, Anacletus was a Greek, born at Athens, and was possibly Peter’s coadjutor in the government of the Church of Rome. In 79 he was an eyewitness to the eruption of Vesuvius. He suffered under Domitian’s persecution, dying a martyr 13 July, and was buried near Peter’s tomb, which Anacletus himself had built and embellished in Peter’s honor.Today’s Saints: Pope St Anacletus, Martyr Carissimi holidaymapq

ANACLETUS or Cletus Photo Gallery

Circa 91 AD, St Cletus or Anacletus, Pope from 76 – 88 AD, and the … holidaymapq – Photo Jigsaw Puzzle of Pope Cletus or Anacletus – holidaymapq

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