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Amsterdam – Van Gogh Museum

ASHA: One of the most famous names in Dutch history and in the art world is Vincent van Gogh and right now we’re here at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam and we’re looking at over two hundred pieces of artwork that he’s done over his lifetime the largest collection of his work in the world. In books, when you see these paintings you don’t see all the texture that’s involved but here you get really up close and you can see all the paint strokes it’s really beautiful. There’s all kinds of paintings in here from every period in his life and I had no idea he had done paintings with a Japanese theme. The Van Gogh museum chronicles Van Gogh’s life from Holland all the way to Paris and all the years in between and it’s really interesting to see all these paintings and how they’ve changed over the years.

Amsterdam – Volendam Marken

RYAN: I’m here in a traditional fishing village in the northern part of Holland It is lunch time and when you’re in a fishing village you got to eat fish and check it out this is some herring which is herring and you got to eat it like this mm tastes so good this is how the locals do it. I am now on a ferry heading across the blog going to checkout another small fishing village in the Dutch countryside. You know I love the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam but I’m excited to check out this quaint little fishing village. Here’s an interesting fact about Holland almost half of the country is under the level of water so the houses in the old days were built on stilts the ones behind me here are no longer on stilts but you can see the doors are on the second level because they had to be raised above the level of water. Oh thank you and since I’m in a traditional fishing village I might as well look the part MC Hammer would be jealous The wooden clogs. So now I’m just going to sit here by the warm fire, smoke my pipe, and have myself a cozy day.

Amsterdam Canal Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

ASHA: In a lot of cities sightseeing is done on the seat of a bus but in Amsterdam we can get on the boat through the canals and see the city so we’re gonna go on the Hop-On Hop-Off Canal Cruise. The great thing about the Canal Hop-On Hop-Off tour is that it is close to everything. I just got off the boat and I’m right here in Dam Square, which is the center of Amsterdam. The entire canal system is sixty three miles long and it was originally built for transport. Behind me is Oude Kerk, which means old church in and the famous thing about this church is that it leans two meters sideways. Anne Frank is one of Holland’s most well known historical figures for her role in the Holocaust and its really pretty incredible what she accomplished in her short sixteen years of living. And right now we’re here at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam and we’re looking at over two hundred pieces of artwork that he has done over his lifetime. This has been such a fun way to see the city we’ve gone through all the canals, we got to hop-on hop-off at all the important parts of Amsterdam. I really, really enjoyed myself.

Amsterdam Canals Dinner Cruise

ASHA: I love this boat, it’s just covered with windows. You can see all around you all through the canals, you can see these cozy little houseboats. It’s just such a fun atmosphere. Amsterdam is also called Venice of the North because there’s over a hundred fifty canals. Here is our menu for the evening, it is a four-course dinner and I am starving so we’re in for a real treat. Here we have our first course which is the potato truffle salad mmm it’s very good. We have some fine goat cheese with almonds. Cheese is so good in Holland. The sun is starting to set, the buildings look absolutely beautiful. I now understand why they’re calling this a romantic dinner cruise. The cruise started right before sunset so I’ve been able to enjoy Amsterdam by day and also by night, and I think my favorite part is by night just because we can look at all these houseboats and see inside and see what’s going on in there. And now the main course, this is the perfect way to celebrate a night in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam City Bike Tour

RYAN: In Amsterdam, people ride bikes and today I’m gonna join the over eight hundred thousand inhabitants who all use bikes as their main mode of transportation. This is my buddy Kees, he’s gonna show me around let’s have a good day. KEES: Here we are at the famous Westerkerk. It’s the highest biggest church in Amsterdam. RYAN: This is an absolutely beautiful city and it’s even better when you see it on the seat of a bike goin’ about ten to twelve miles and hour nice and slow so you can check out everything. I’m now safely off the crazy city streets of Amsterdam and I’m in Vondelpark and it is so beautiful. This park is right in the middle of the city, so what a great place to escape to. KEES: Here we are at the Museum Square. We see the old concert building and on the other side you see the Van Gogh Museum as you say it, we say Van Gogh. RYAN: Biking in Amsterdam. This right here is the granddaddy of cargo bikes check this thing out. With about six thousand bikes in central station here in Amsterdam, I have no idea how you find your bike after going to work. Has anybody seen my bike? black tires, little bell on the left side? Thank you so much for touring me around on the bicycles, I had a great time today.

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