AMPHILOCHIUS of Iconium b. 340345, bishop 373374 398404. A rhetorician at Constantinople before becoming bishop. Little inclined to theological speculation, he pursued vigorous antiheretical activity, participating at the Council of Constantinople 381 and at some local synods against the Macedonians Iconium, 376 and Messalians Side, 383. It seems he enjoyed a certain fame after his death, testified to by the Eraniste and other old florilegia, which cite his christological homilies. Besides some fragments, however, we have only a few works directly from him: a treatise Contra haereticos against the Messalians, an Epistola synodalis, a profession of faith, some homilies IV-VI and VIIIIX in Datema’s edition and the Syriac edition published by Moss and a short, well-composed didactic poem, the Iambi ad Seleucum. A number of spurious works represent a late homage to his fame: homily I CPG 3231, author unknown; homilies IIIII by Leontius of Costantinople, a Coptic homily on Abraham’s sacrifice CPG 3240, a series of virtually unpublished ascetic homilies CPG 3250, and a cycle of the life and miracles of St. Basil CPG 3252-3254. Attribution to Amphilochius of homilies VII ps.-Chrysostom and In mesopentecosten is due to a transmission error. CPG 3230-3254; PG 39; DHGE 2, 1346-1348; DTC 1, 1121-1123; BS 1, 1182-1183; C. Datema, Amphilochii Iconiensis opera CCG 3, Turnhout-Leuven 1978; C. Moss, S. Amphilochius of Iconium on John 14, 28  : Muson 43 1930 317-364; E. Oberg, Amphilochii Iconiensis Iambi ad Seleucum PTS 9, Berlin 1969; E. Oberg, Das Lehrgedicht des Amphilochios von Ikonion: JbAC 6 1973 67-97; M. Breydy, Vestiges mconnnus des P¨res Cappadociens en syriaque. Deux fragments oublis de la profession de foi d’Amphiloque: PdO 11 1983 349-361; H.R. Drobner, Die Karsamstagspredigt des Amphilochius von Ikonium CPG II 3235. Einleitung, rhetorische Textanalyse und bersetzung: S.-T. Teodorsson ed., Greek and Latin Studies in Memory of Cajus Fabricius Studia Graeca et Latina Gothoburgensia, Gteborg 1990, 1-23; B. Gain, Note sur l’Epistula Synodalis CPG, t. II, No 3243 d’Amphiloque d’Iconium: SE 27 1984 19-25; H.R. Drobner, Bibliographia Amphilochiana: Theologie und Glaube 77 1987 14-35, 179-196; K. Holl, Amphilochius von Ikonium in seinem Verh¤ltnis zu den grossen Kappadoziern, T¼bingenLeipzig 1904 repr. Darmstadt 1969; G. Ficker, Amphilochiana. I, Leipzig 1906; H. Gstrein, Amphilochios von Ikonion. Der vierte Grosse Kappadokier: J–BG 15 1966 133-145; S.J. Voicu, L’edizione di Anfilochio nel CChG: Augustinianum 19 1979 359-364; Id., Dieci omelie di Leonzio di Costantinopoli: Studi sull’oriente Christian 5 2001 1, 165-190 hom. II-III; Id., Tracce origeniane in uno Pseudocrisostomo Cappadoce, in Origene e l’alessandrinismo cappadoce III-IV secolo. Atti del V Convegno del Gruppo Italiano di ricerca su Origen and la tradizione alessandrina Bari, 20-22 September 2000, eds. M. Girardi and M. Marin, Bari 2002, 333-346 hom. VII; J. Wortley, An Unpublished Legend of an Unworthy Priest and Saint Basil the Great: AB 97 1979 363-371; M. Bonnet, La pcheresse dans la IV¨me homlie d’Amphilochios d’Iconium, in Figures du Nouveau Testament chez les P¨res Cahiers de Biblia Patristica 3, Strasbourg 1991, 197-208; M. Bonnet, Les Psaumes dans les homlies d’Amphilochios d’Iconium: Le Psautier chez les P¨res Cahiers de Biblia Patristica 4, Strasbourg 1994, 135-165 mixes spurious and authentic texts; J.H. Barkhuizen, Amphilochius of Iconium: Homily 1 On the Nativity: Acta Patristica et Byzantina 12 2001 1-23.

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