Ammonius the Alexandrian

AMMONIUS the ALEXANDRIAN 5th-6th c.. We know of an Ammonius the Alexandrian, an exegete who wrote commentaries on the book of Daniel PG 85, 1364-1381; 1823-1826 and the gospel of John PG 85, 1392-1524, but the data on him is insufficient for a precise identification. He has tended to be identified with the presbyter and bursar of the Alexandrian church who subscribed a letter to the emperor Leo in defense of the Council of Chalcedon against Timotheos Ailurus. In the catenae on John he is called presbyter. Since Ammonius the Alexandrian depends on 4th- and 5th-c. authors, Reuss identifies him with the other Ammonius of Alexandria CPG 6982, cited by Anastasius the Sinaite and thus dated the first half of the 6th c. Others, such as Elorduy, have thought to identify him with the philosopher Ammonius Saccas, thus 3rd c. rather than 6th c., although this opinion is not commonly accepted. The exegete seems to have lived 5th- 6th c. Besides the two books cited, only fragments of other biblical commentaries survive: on the Psalms PG 85, 1361-1364, on Lk and Acts PG 85, 1524-1608, on 1 Cor, and on 1 Pet PG 85, 1608-1609; the fragments on Mt are spurious PG 85, 1381-1392. CPG 5500-5509; Th. Zahn, Der Exeget Ammonius und andere Ammonius: ZKG 38 1920 1-22; 311-336; J. Reuss, Der Exeget Ammonius und die Fragmente seines Matth¤us- und IohannesKommentars: Biblica 22 1941 13-20; Id., Iohannes-Kommentare aus der griechischen Kirche, TU 89, Berlin 1965, 196-358; Id., Der Presbyter Ammonius von Alexandrien und sein Kommentar sum Iohannes-Evangelium: Biblica 44 1963 159-170; R. Devreesse: DBS 1,1137; 1158; 1174; 1203; 1228; Bardenhewer, 83- 86; E. Elorduy, Ammonio en las catenas: Estudios Ecl. 44 1969 383-432; H. Drrie, Ammonios, der Lehrer Plotins: Hermes 83 1955 439-477, esp. 471ff.; LACL 29.

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