Amiradzhan City of Afghanistan

Amiradzhan City of Afghanistan for A small minority of our genes ensure that we develop as different sorts of human beings. Most of this genetic variation makes human beings unique individuals. A much smaller amount makes human beings members of specific races or ethnic groups. Indeed, there is over six times the amount of genetic difference, for example, between two individual Swedes chosen at random than there is between the average of Swedes and the average of, say, Aboriginal Australians or African Bushmen.13 When investigating the extent to which our biology determines our politics, we must keep in mind that what makes us political animals is not solely the small proportion of our genes that make us unique individuals or members of particular races or ethnic groups. We are political animals because of the vastly larger proportion of our genes that make us human beings in the first place. As human beings, we are biologically enabled, one might even say biologically the question of human nature 3 5 encouraged, to live politically. Amiradzhan City of Afghanistan 2016.

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