American Theater

In the same period, theatrical performances began in a number of colonial towns, first by amateurs and later by traveling companies of professional actors. Although Governor Robert Hunter of New York had written a satiric play, Androboros, in 1714, most plays were British, and Addison’s Cato and Farquhar’s The Recruiting Officer and The Beaux’ Stratagem were favorites in New York, Williamsburg, Annapolis, and Charles Town in the 1730s. In 1735, a company advertised in Charles Town for the performance of the first opera in America, Flora, or Hob in the Well. When the Lewis Hallam company of actors came from Britain in 1752 to perform regular seasons in buildings erected specifically as theaters, plays were a frequent entertainment in colonial cities. Authorities had moral reservations about theater in some areas, especially Boston and Providence, but also Philadelphia to some extent, and the players sometimes had to use stratagems to perform. When David Douglass took his company to Newport, Rhode Island, in 1761, he advertised a Moral Dialogue on the dangers of envy that was, in fact, a performance of Othello. In 1767, The Prince of Parthia, by Thomas Godfrey, Jr., became the first play by an American playwright to be performed by a professional company, and the same Philadelphia company almost performed in the same year Thomas Forrest’s The Disappointment, a ballad opera whose satire was finally deemed too pointed toward local persons.The American Stage’ Is Best Enjoyed As Theatre As Literature … Mapq8American Conservatory Theater’s Geary Theater :: BBI Engineering Mapq8The Black Presence in Theater through the Centuries in the … Mapq8

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