American Connecticut

Prior to the seventeenth century, Connecticut was home to sixteen Native American tribes, all members of the larger Algonquin confederation. Among these tribes were the Podunk near Hartford, the Niantic along Long Island Sound, the Quinnipiac near Milford, the Pequot in the Southeast, and the Mohegan in the Northeast. While each tribe spoke its own language, there were four distinct language groups: Pequot-Mohegan, Niantic and Narragansett, Nipmuck, and Quinipi. Thousands of tribal members died as a result of European diseases such as smallpox in 1616 and 1617. By 1630 the total Native American population was about six or seven thousand. Native Americans African American Connecticut Explored (Garnet Books): Elizabeth J … 0871061317 – From Yankee to American: Connecticut, 1865-1914 …

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